Sunday, December 23, 2007

One more on the coffee shops

For those of you out there who are into gardening, you can stop into pretty much any Starbucks and ask them for some used coffee grounds and they'll give you about a pound or two's worth. As I understand it, this stuff is great in flower gardens, especially roses, and it's free. I don't know about the other chains, but I suspect that if you go in nicely and ask, and then tell them that Starbucks does, they'd probably help you out. After all, they have no use for the stuff anyway, so you're kind of helping them out on top of everything.

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might I add...? said...

Thanks for sharing this idea.

For those of you who live near a Peet's Coffee & Tea, they will give you the whole shebang, which is probably closer to 20 pounds.

And the stuff is great. We get it and add it to our compost bins.