Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bush Calls For Americans To Embrace EVs

Seems to me that if Bush has jumped on the bandwagon, we must really be in trouble.

Welcome to the Party!

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fpteditors said...

Yes, we are in trouble. Better cars means more sprawl. More sprawl means more energy waste. The whole "better auto" movement is a misdirection.

Dave said...

I actually quite agree with you. Autos are not the answer, but in order for the alternative to work (better cities) we need a fundamental shift in aqttitude and gov't incentives to build smarter cities. If I thought people would give up rather than drive gas guzzlers, i wouldn't be a proponent of EVs. But people are not going to give up their cars, so i figure, at least make the cars smarter. I'm also not sure that with the advent of EVs more people will buy cars than otherwise. That would mean that a large portion of the population isn't presently buying cars due to the lack of EVs and I don't think that's accurate.

Bottom line though is you are right, the answer is not better cars, it's less cars. Wish we could find a realistic way to making that happen.


green living said...

I agree- cars are not the solution. The solution is to build communities wherein public transportation is possible. Think of the reduction in emissions if only everyone lived close enough to work such that they didn't have to drive?