Thursday, November 29, 2007

Greendimes - Give the gift of less

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win"

-Mahatma Ghandi

If you're anything like me you hate junk mail. Not only is it a huge pain in the butt, but it wastes a ton of resources, not the least of which are trees and water. Well fear not fellow recycler, Greendimes is here. For the small price of just $15 they will not only stop 90% of your junk mail for a year, but they will plant 10 trees to boot. How cool is that? We gave this a shot a year ago and other than stuff from charities we give to, we get no catalogs or junk mail anymore. It rocks!

Sure there are a bunch of other ways to stop your junk mail, but they require a fair amount of time and work, trust me, I've tried them. The way I figure it, I'd pay $15 just to plant the trees so getting out of junk mail is just the bonus. And right now, you can give it as a holiday gift, or for $42 a Greendimes package which will get your friend the junk mail opt out, tree planting, a tote bag, a t-shirt, and two compact flourescent bulbs. Try to beat that with a stick...ya can't!

So this holiday season, why not give less, and save more.

Thanks for reading.

Live Sustainably,



Doug said...

Dude, why not repost all your e-mails/Live Sustainably posts here? I think people will much appreciate them.

Also, get everyone you know who has a blog to "blogroll" you -- list this blog on their blog. That'll raise traffic. If you can get a link to this blog on, well, that's probably the best way to get people reading.

Doug said...

Also, google "favicon" and look into creating one (easy to do) for your blog.

Another suggestion: Consider putting together a list of links to free websites, as opposed to books, that can educate people. Alphabetical listing is best, I think, and you can categorize any way you like, of course, but a suggestion: (1) climate change science (IPCC,, etc.); (2) political activism (NRDC, Sierra Club, et al); (3) DIY (ie, do-it-yourself: vegifying vans, etc.). Just off the top of my head. Also, consider adding links from within your posts to the permanent link section (Greendimes would be good, for example).

I have time this weekend, so if you want to be walked through color/layout changes, lemme know. If you'd like to "outsource" it to me, just make me an admin, and I'll do whatever you like fast and easy. (You can always revert to the previous layout by saving the HTML -- it's easy.) The google templates are quite malleable, actually.

No worries if you'd rather do it all yourself, of course.

Finally, embedded video is easier and easier to do, and you might want to take advantage of that. You simply grab the code and paste that bee-atch in. But check that it works on all major browsers (it should, of course), and provide links to media plug-ins. Check out -- and feel free to steal links/text from -- my blog, on plug-ins and on everything else.

You may want a Fair Use statement, too -- again, see my blog.

Everyone else: no, I'm not blog-whoring! Just helping out a friend! :) Do not hold Dave responsible for anything you see on my blog, if anyone goes there to look. You're all welcome, of course, but I post the above as a comment, rather than sending it as a private e-mail, because Dave wants to build a community. Anyone who agrees, disagrees, etc., feel free to chime in! It's all good. :)

Dave said...

Thanks for all the pointers Doug. I'm moving forward slowly but will hot all your ideas when i can.