Monday, May 19, 2008

Wanna Start A Worm Composter?

A lot of people have contacted me about worm composting, including most recently, Rex who works for the company that makes The Worm Factory, the composter that I use. He liked the videos that I put up on youtube and we got to talking and before you know it, he offered to have folks who come from the blog here get either 10% off on a bin or an extra tray when they order.

How cool is that?

I should point out that i can't say that these work any better or worse than any other composters, just that the do work well. If you want to make a composter yourself at home there are a ton of places to find designs on the web. That said, if you are one of those people who just wants to jump right in then head over to Jayne'sBazaar and type in Sustainable Dave in the promo code of the checkout section.

Let me know how it goes!

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J said...

I have been very interested in worm composting. I even got the book 'Worms Eat My Garbage', unfortunately, I live in an apartment, and the complex considers compost too close to 'trash' and thus won't allow us to have one.

I'd love to know how well they work though.

Dave said...

Hey Jennifer,
They let you keep trash in your apartment right? Do they force you to take it out at certain times? Worm composters smell no worse (and sometimes better) thn trash. The composters can work great (and do) if properly maintained. Would you ever consider doing one without them knowing? It's pretty low profile. Where do you live?


J said...

Well of course! That's a good idea. I always figured they would smell, and thus I would want to put it outside, but if they don't smell, there is no reason the apartment complex needs to know.

I live in Columbia, Missouri.

I've seen both the plastic and wood bins. Which would you suggest? It looked to me as if the wood bin might have a leakage problem. Though that could be averted by putting something under it to catch the water.

I would love to do this, as I have been buying 'industrial' worm poo for awhile now for my organic garden, but feel bad that most of the 'waste' that goes into my trash can is food scraps!

Dave said...

Hey Jennifer,
Well I can't say that they don't smell at all, but mine, which is going on about 7 months now, really only smells if you get your shnoz right down into it. Garbage that smells is garbage that has not been exposed to air.

As far as plastic versus wood, I'd go with the plastic for the reasons you suggested. The bin I use is a great one, and they'll give you a discount, but you can easily make your own or look on the web for others. You also may want to try your local city services and see if they offer a course/deal on composters.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.