Tuesday, January 29, 2008

California Clean Car Discount Bill

For those of you who live in California, check this posting out from the Union of Concerned Scientists about AB 493. It's a fairly simple concept that i think really may have some legs. The bill would create rebates up to $2500 for cars that emit less global warming gasses and the money would come from a surcharge on new vehicles that emit excess global warming gasses. Studies show that such a bill could reduce global warming pollution from new cars and trucks by up to a third due to customer choices.

To me this simply comes down to responsibility. If you choose to buy a car that does more damage to the environment, you should have to pay a premium for that and take responsibility for your choices.

If you live in California, or know someone who does, have them check out AB 493 and send their reps in Sacramento a note to say they support it.

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