Sunday, January 27, 2008

Think your power is clean? Think again.

Holy connect the dots batman. I just came across this great site where you can type in your zip code and it will give you detailed info about where your local power is coming from and if it is involved in mountaintop stripping, a massively destructive coal extracting method that turns mountains into mole hills. We pay extra for green power so I need to run this by my power company to see what's what.

That said, apparently DWP buys power from Intermountian Power in Utah, who get their coal from Cumberland River Coal in Virginia and Black Thunder in Wyoming. So every time a regular DWP customer turns on the TV, it starts a chain where these companies destroy mountains in other states, ship coal across the country, turn it into electricity in Utah, and shoot it over the grid to their house so they can enjoy Sweatin' With The Oldies.

Makes sense huh?

If only there were some magical roof covering that could us a local power source, ya know, like the sun for instance, and turn it into electricity that would only have to be passed on down to the living room. If only......

Check it out, sign their petition, contact your local electric company, and pass it on.

Live Sustainably


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